Ethan Smith - “A Letter to the Girl I Used to Be”


Marvel vs DC

No wonder I’ve always gotten them confused, incurring the contempt of my comic-book-geek friends.

Gettin’ Ziggy with it

I forgot to pack shoes. This is an indication of how completely headless chicken I was before leaving on Sunday, because who does that, right? My travel Crocs (don’t judge me) were fine for a day. It was about 70° and very pleasant.

Then it rained. Wet socks are vile, awful things. Worse, the forecast was for a 40° drop in temperature&emdash;and snow. Okay, so it was clear that I had to get shoes. On the way to Eaton Centre, a car splashed me with gross puddle water. As I eeew’d and grumbled and flapped my hands ineffectually, a bird shat on my face. MY FACE, people. Thankfully, my prodigious Punjabi proboscis caught it; more thankfully still, a washroom was nearby, because otherwise I’d have to burn off my face.

Naturally, my card was declined at the store. Because apparently an American debit Visa is just about the silliest thing you can carry abroad. block calls from outside the US, so I had to use Skype. Estimated wait time? 30 minutes. An hour later, while I was still on hold, the call dropped. Called back. 30 minutes, again. Mm hmm. 68 minutes later, someone answered. I told her the problem and her computer promptly shut down.

I couldn’t make this up if I tried. So, how was your Monday?